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Nutrition Matters

  • Cara Andreoli, RD CD-N CDE

    Cara Andreoli, RD CD-N CDE

    Cara Andreoli is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator serving clients in the greater Hartford area. Cara is the founder of Nutrition Matters and the creator of the Daily Food Group Tracker and the Diabetes Bracelet. She developed these tools in order to provide clients with interactive nutrition support they can take with them everywhere, and has made them available for purchase online to help even more people create positive change in their lives.

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From The Makers Of The Diabetes Bracelet

The Diabetes Bracelet serves as a daily reminder and educational tool to help make smart eating choices. Wear the bracelet to easily count carbohydrate foods at each meal, therefore keeping your blood glucose within target range. It also functions as an attractive Medical ID Bracelet — the DM2 symbol lets first responders know immediately that you have Type 2 Diabetes in case of medical emergency. Count on The Diabetes Bracelet every day!

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